Can't find restored entities by email

  • Hi, I have the following problem.

    Some Companies have been deleted from our CRM (ver. 7.1d).  I have restored (manually, in the database) companies and other entities belonging to them, e.g., Person, Email/Phone, Communications, etc..  Now it seems to be ok, but we can't find those companies by "Business E-mail" in the "Find" screen, i.e., the search returns 0 values.  But when we search company by "Company Name" in the "Find" screen, search returns the required company, and the Business Email is visible when we open that Company's "Phone/Email" screen.

    Can you suggest, why we can't find companies by email?  Maybe there is a some table that should be also updated during restore to allow searching by email?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Check the table with name CRMEmailPhoneData, ensure the corresponding records are in there. It is this table the vSearchListCompany uses to display the email in the search, rather than the email/emaillink, that is used when viewing the company.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, Toby.  I have checked that table - some of restored companies' emails exist there, some of them - no.  But, even existing records' "Deleted" fields have NULL values, so nothing I can update there.  Also, how and from where I can add missing records to this table?

  • Entries into the table, I believe, are controlled by triggers, so you would have to write an insert statement to get the entries back in there.

    When you delete, CRM hard deletes out of that table, so the _deleted field will always be null.

  • Sorry for late response, I didn't received notification about your post and found it by visiting here.

    The manually insertion is not applicable for us because we have many companies that have been restored, so it will take too much time to add those records (including Emails for restored companies' Persons too).  I supposed that if I do Change/Save for the restored company's Email, it will add in that email record to the "CRMEmailPhoneData" table.  But it didn't helped too.

  • The CRMEmailPhoneData table is populated by a stored procedure - populate_CRMEmailPhoneData so you should be able to just execute that and rebuild the table from scratch.


  • Darren, I executed the "populate_CRMEmailPhoneData" procedure and it helped.  Now the search works as required :)

    Thank you very much!

  • Seconded, thanks Darren, I did not know that was there, I thought it was all trigger controlled.

    Thanks for that.