CRM Workflow - Edit Email Before Sending

  • Hi There,

    I am trying to develop a Company Workflow, of which the following is a part:

    Change some fields  --->  Send an email  --->  Change some more fields (this step may happen several days later)

    The email that is sent is a standard template, but it needs to be amended by the user prior to sending in a lot of cases.  Therefore, I am trying to get the populated email screen to be shown to the user so that they may make any amendments and then press send.  Ideally, I would like the workflow to advance to the next state as the user presses the send button.

    I have experimented with  CRM.GetBlock("messageblock").  However, this presents a very simple email screen with limited functionality (fonts, colour, attachments etc).  

    I have also experimented with Url(1500).  This is more like it(!), but I cannot see how to A) pre-populate the email screen; or B) control what happens when the user presses send (I want to advance the workflow) or the user presses cancel (I want to return to the Summary screen for the company in question).

    Is there a way of making the messageblock more feature-rich?  Alternatively, can I better control the CRM.URL(1500) page?

    I am using CRM V 7.1.f S.

    I would be extremely grateful if someone would give me some pointers or advice!

    Many thanks,


  • Hi,


    You can refer our below blog links to achieve the same.




    Hope this helps you!




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  • Hi Dinesh,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have looked at those articles.  The first one is very close to what I need, but there are some parts of the article that I do not understand.  For example.....

    Now on this page I created my URL to standard e-mail editing screen i.e.”eWare.URL (1500)”. Then I added one more parameter to this URL to represent id of the template to be used in email body.

    What is the parameter name and what values should be passed to the parameter?

    Also, how can I get the workflow to advance to the next stage when the email is sent?


    Many thanks,



  • Hi Dinesh,

    Are you able to provide any more information on the parameters for the email screen?  And also, is it possible to advance the workflow after the email is sent?

    Many thanks for your assistance!