How to set field value base on SSA field changed ?

  • Hello everyone. I have a custom Entity (e.g Store ). In Store Entry screen i have two more person fields are PersonName(SSA field) and PersonWebsite(text field) . whenever user select or search SSA field i want to set PersonWebsite automatically base on Person Entity.  So could anyone tell me how to do so ?

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  • Hi,

    From below post I understood that you need to auto populate the fields ( PersonName and PersonWebsite) based on the Person. Well, for this you need to do some client side scripting. The script will check the person which is selected in the finder. Then read the  PersonName and PersonWebsite fields values of that person and then setting the same in the respective field. Lastly you just need to take care that fields would be visible in read only mode.


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  • Thanks Dinesh, I can solve by your clue now . I use ajax to retrieve personMail by person Id. here is the reference link :

    Hope it can help who got same issue and got less sage CRM customization knowledge as me.

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