Why my Custom Content field can content only a few line of script ?

  • Hello, Can anyone tell me why my Custom Content field in screen design page can content a few line of script? I cannot even past all script get from community. Is it has field length limitation of this Custom Content can be set to more or less?

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  • Hi everyone, I found the way to solve this case. It is working fine in IE browser. what i am using is Firefox. I don't know it doesn't work in firefox.

    Hope this can help who got less Sage CRM customization knowledge like me. :)



  • Sokheng

    I assume you are using Sage CRM v7.1sp2.  Although support for Firefox, Chrome and Safari was introduced in Sage CRM v7.1sp2, this was only for the user 'Main Menu' area AND NOT the Administration screens.  Please use Internet Explorer as the browser for Administration.

    Sage CRM v7.2 will allow you to use other browsers for Administration.

  • Thanks Jeff for guiding me .

  • I'm sorry but Internet Explorer is not enough. I've got IE10 in compatibility mode but since IE10 respects maxlength text forms, it's not possible to overpass the 200 characters limit this way.

    Maybe using another "standard mode" will do it but it's getting hard working with SageCRM. Abroad, SageCRM v7.2 won't be there before  months.

    Other solutions :

    * change data directly in the database

    * tweak the administration panel through traduction and jquery or javascript

  • If ever some falls here, you can use the 'Custom Content' caption translation and replace your translation with:

    "My Custom Content translation <script>$(document).ready(function() {$('textarea').prop('maxlength',2000);});</script>"

    This will change all textarea of the page to 2000 characters.