How to set SSA field value in entry screen page?

  • Hello. I have an entry screen which is used in many places. The SSA field data inside the screen will also flexible to the place.

    e.g: Payment entry page. It can be open by click "New" button in MainMenu. The page will keep all field blank. One more way Page also can be clicked open from an invoice page. So when it is shown, SSA field should be filled with data from invoice that user viewed.

    So can anybody tell or guide me how can i do this ?

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  • Hi,


    Well, if you are trying to achieve the same using custom ASP page, here is code which is something look like.






    //'Set the value of current user in the Owned by field

    var sOwnedByEntry = EntryGroup.GetEntry("proj_ownerid");

    sOwnedByEntry.DefaultValue = <<Current User Id>>;



    Here, ProjectNewEntry is the screen name.

    proj_ownerid is the field in which you need to set the value.

    <<Current User Id>> will have the value that you need to set.


    Same can be achieved by doing screen customization also. In that case, you just need to set the DefaultValue property to the value that you need to set in the field. Syntax would be something as below.

    DefaultValue = <<Current User Id>>;


    Hope this helps!




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