I have questions as following

  • Hello!
    I have questions as following

    1. I can see Orders and Quotes in Customization (in Administration) like the image
       after installing 7.1h version Demo.
       But I can't find them(Orders and Quotes) after bought and installed 7.1h official
       We don't know there is a problem with installation or license key.
       Please let me know the answer to the problem.





    2. I want to link [Opportunity Item] among [Hyperlink to] after selecting field
       name in list (in Opportunity in Customization in Administration)
       but I can't see [Opportunity Item] in the list of [Hyperlink to].
       Please let me know how to be shown it in the list.



    3. I want to insert the image of [new] button in the List.
       Let me know how to insert it.

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  • Hi,


    Regarding first question, I would suggest you to check if Order and Quotes entities are present in the Secondary entities dropdown. If so, then you need to execute SQL query  which will add Quotes and Order entities into Primary entities. Here is the SQL query for your reference.


    UPDATE vCustom_Tables 

    SET Bord_PrimaryTable='y'

    WHERE Bord_TableId=<TableID>


    Do the metadata refresh once SQL query is executed.


    Regarding second question, we understood that you want to add hyperlink to the opportunity item. Can you clarify which screen you are referring here?


    As far as last question is concerned, from your screenshot it looks like you are referring to add a New Button on Tracking Tab of the Opportunity screen. Well, tracking tab keeps a track of the changes made by all users for that particular opportunity. Administrator can easily identify what are changes are made by which users. Can you elaborate what you want to achieve by adding a New button?




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  • go to system behavior and change the option from opportunity items to quotes and orders.


    Kannan Srinivasan