Search Select Advanced - BigInt Problem

  • Good day


    I would like to know if it is possible to have a search select advanced with a bigint as id field.

    The unique id I get back from the view is ie. 1000000045. After I changed the reference field in the database to be a bigint, I could save the value. The problem now occurs with the callback. When I re-open the details screen, I get an error which states ... 

    An unexpected event has occurred: Exception: Invalid Integer

    All the log file tells me is ..43:55.976 3456 3224 1 UserActionException,ErrMsg Invalid Integer


    Can I change something to enable me to have a bigint as a reference id?


    Please advise.

  • Nic

    A value like 1,000,000,045 doesn't seem to be a bigint.  Or rather it is still a value that is lower than 2,147,483,647 and so could be cast or converted in the view to an 'int'.  It is still within the int datatype range. Is the bigint value coming from an external database?  Is the Search Select Advanced field a foreign key in a Sage CRM table?

  • Hi Jeff

    Thank you for the prompt answer.

    It is a value that comes from an external db. I have added a view in the CRM db, and then added that view to tables. I have then set up the view to be a SS enity etc. The view is now a secondary entity which can be looked up in a SSA field.

    An actual value from the view is 4000000003.

    The value saves fine, but upon re-opening the page it breaks CRM.