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please how i can solve Escalation for .Net when select it please check the attached picture

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  • coz i want to press on notification and the redirect me .net Rundatapage

  • John

    You can not call ASP pages or .NET dlls from Escalation rules.  Both these types of file require there to be an HTTP request/response to call their behaviour.  Escalation rules are triggered from within the application layer (eware.dll) not the browser.

  • If you can't call .NET assemblies from escalation rules, why is the option available in CRM? We're on 7.1g and according to an article from 2011 (, this is a bug. If it is, then it should have been fixed by now, surely. If not, then how is it possible to use the .NET options from the escalation rule page?

    I would like to be able to run some code that updates a series of cases each time the escalation engine runs to monitor progress on them. I could do it using a SQL job running every 5 minutes but I'd rather do it within the CRM framework.

  • Lee

    Log this again as a bug and quote the link to the form discussion.

    Can you do what you want to do using the Execute SQL behaviour within a workflow action?