Read only / Disabled Field change value ??????????

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hi all i tried to change readonly or disabled field value this what i do

1- i made Remaining amount Read Only and put onchange script on paid amount when change it will subtract the payment amount - paid amount and the result
put it in readonly field (Remaining amount )  but it dosnt work

I try hiddenField & DataField & Field but no result still the value not changed.

I try to disable the field but when i save its put zero in payment amount and remaining amount





Put nothing changed

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  • this work around sucsess  onload i made the field disabled and on the onchange script i made it disable false then do the calculations and then disabled

  • but again the fields value become zeros

  • Hi,

    As per post, we understood you wanted to set the value in the Read only field. To achieve the same you need to write the “OnChangeScript” on the paid amount field. Code will be something as shown below.

    //'Set the value in the read only field


        document.getElementById("_DataPaym_RemAmount").innerText  = <<Calculated Number>>;

     //’To Save value set the value in the Hidden Field


                                    document.getElementById(“_HIDDENPaym_RemAmount”).value = <<Calculated Number>>;

     You can change it accordingly.

     Hope this will helps!




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  • thanks Greytrix for help