Overview of supported software environments for the latest versions.

Latest document version number: IMP-MAT-ENG-720-26.0

May 2015: Update 2880529 for Word 2010 causes corruption on Mail Merge templates in Sage CRM.

April 2015: Microsoft Exchange 365 is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit. Classic Outlook Integration is supported on 32-bit only.

March 2015: Removed 7.3 and 7.1 information

January 2015: Microsoft Office 365 is supported on 7.1 when using Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2007 only. It isn't supported when using Microsoft Outlook 2013.

January 2015: Added support for Microsoft Office 2007 for 7.2

January 2015: Removed support for Microsoft Office 2007 for 7.2

October 2014: Citrix XenApp v6.5 (Enterprise Edition) over HTTP & HTTPS is supported in 32-bit. There's now a workaround for using Outlook plug-ins with Terminal Services. The Classic Dashboard is supported in Internet Exporer only.

July 2014: Clarified Office 365 (desktop version) is supported only in 32-bit.

June 2014: Clarified Office 365 (desktop version) is supported for both Outlook plug-ins.

May 2014: Please note, Sage does not support running Sage CRM on a domain controller unless it’s specifically running SBS.

May 2014: Please note, Sage does not support installs on a server/client/OS/integration that has reached Microsoft End of Life. Microsoft Windows XP is no longer supported. The Virtualization table has been removed from the Matrix because Virtualization is a deployment environement, and it is assumed that Sage CRM will run safely on any virtualization environment.

April 2014: Added support for IE11 (32-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), and IIS 8.5 (64-bit) from 7.2d onwards. Clarified, Solo is supported for 7.0 on 32-bit operating systems.

March 2014: Clarified JRE7 is supported from 7.2 onwards.

February 2014: Added support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and for Safari on iPad running iOS7 (from 7.2 c onwards).

January 2014: Clarified for Microsoft Office 2013, only the Professional edition is supported. Clarified Microsoft Office Professional 2013 32-bit is supported from 7.2b onwards.

January 2014: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 R2. Clarified Windows 8.1 and IE11 are not yet supported.

November 2013: Clarified Microsoft Office 2013 64-bit is supported for MS Exchange Integration only - not Classic Outlook integration. 

October 2013: Clarified IE7 is supported up to 7.1d only.

October 2013: Update following the release of 7.2b. Updated Office 2013, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and 2010 SP3 are supported from 7.2b onwards. 7.2b customers should note that there is an issue with Oracle 11g R2. Please take a look at the 7.2b Patch Release Note for the workaround.

May 2013: Clarified CRM is supported on IE 8 up to 7.1d only.

May 2013: Updated Office 2010 32-bit is supported on Windows 8 from 7.1g onwards, and JRE 7 32-bit is supported with CRM 7.1i and 7.2 onwards on 32-bit and 64-bit devices.

April 2013 - Updated "Application Server" section and clarified that Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials is supported with CRM 7.2 on 64-bit.