ATEC Security Limited was using a module within its account package to run its support operations, but as the business grew in size and complexity, the need for greater functionality and control increased accordingly. ATEC started to look for a solution that would help in viewing key information, such as on compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), and in improving management reporting. The main driver, in the first instance, was to find a customer relationship management system to help ATEC to manage cases and opportunities; for example to check whether planned maintenance is completed on time and view the availability of staff resources. Sage CRM helped ATEC to define, drive and optimise THEIR processes to ensure consistency and efficiency.

“We believe that we’re now one of the leaders in the industry in providing critical information to clients, instantly accessible whenever they want it. This helps us to win new business and enhance our service to existing clients.” Simon Adcock, Managing Director, ATEC Security Limited