Constrained by a paper based business system that simply couldn’t keep pace with the company’s rapid growth. The system was prone to leakage, it was difficult to access client information, and it didn’t provide integration between the company’s sales, marketing and customer service teams.


Sage CRM was selected as it was easy-to-use, intuitive, well designed and it was flexible enough to automate the company’s preferred business processes. It provided the tools to manage and analyze all current and historical account details, enabling the sales team to easily identify new leads.


Sage CRM provides visibility of sales pipelines at each stage of the business sales cycle, ensuring that all information is shared across the company. It manages and measures sales forecasts in real-time, as well as enabling management to add their own assessments to the forecast. It is used to trigger call-backs, followup appointments, track daily tasks for all sales staff, schedule training, and manage available resources.