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  • Forum Thread: Manipulating CRM records with the .Net API

    Hi I have a windows form application. A user is logged into crm and a sessionID is generated. This is given to the winforms application. I wish to display the name of company with ID 43 into a textbox on the form: Imports Sage.CRM Public Class Form1 ' The sessionID is already given...
  • Forum Thread: why there is no effect to use Escalation by .net?

    The same code in Customize Tabs for course is good.Why? Thank you at first.
  • Forum Thread: Exception in dotnetdll page : Access is denied

    Hi. I have created (via Visual Studio) a test page described in CRM 7.1 Developer Guide. I have built the project and placed the .dll file to the "C:\...\CRM\CustomDotNet" folder. I also have created new component described in " .NET API Debugging " section in the Developer Guide...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Relationship Tab is not working

    Hi Mintu, The DotNetDllDirectory sysparam stores the path to all .NET DLLs, not just RelatedEntities.dll. You need to remove RelatedEntities.dll from the path. Also, are you certain that the path is correct? It looks like you might be missing the instance directory. Here's what I mean. Your...
  • Forum Thread: Get Value in server side from client side ????

    Hi all, i have this case please help me when i change field value i want to get value from server (in onchange script of field i want to bring value from server side) i have field called unit ,when i select unit i want to bring value of another field in another table and put it in field any...
  • Forum Thread: ImpersonateLoggedOnUser2 failed 5

    OMG anybody have solution for this error or i am the first one how catch it :( this error happened when i move stage in WorkFlow
  • Forum Thread: Read only / Disabled Field change value ??????????

    hi all i tried to change readonly or disabled field value this what i do 1- i made Remaining amount Read Only and put onchange script on paid amount when change it will subtract the payment amount - paid amount and the result put it in readonly field (Remaining amount ) but it dosnt work I try hiddenField...
  • Forum Thread: add value to readonly fied ????

    Please answer how can i add value to read only field and put the value in read only field ??????????????
  • Forum Thread: alignment from Right to left ?????

    Jeff please i want your help Hi please i am face big problem i want to make the alignment from right to left please for Arabia purpose can i??? i tried to make this in IE -->encoding --->from Right to left the result in the picture
  • Forum Thread: Is there anyway to style a list you create on the Self Service page?

    Hi Community, I have been working on displaying some info on a self service page and at the moment, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to style the list I create. I assume the eWare.css does not effect the following: <% NewList = eWare.GetBlock("list"); NewList.SelectSql= "SELECT...
  • Forum Thread: How to create pages in CRM 7.0

    Hi, How to add our page in CRM screen. What are the steps to do it? Give a detail explaination for this. Please do the need ful
  • Forum Thread: SAGE CRM Integration failed to update CRM

    Hi, I installed Integration component for SAGE ERP ACCPAC 5.6 to integrate ERP and CRM. It installed sucessfully.But when i add new customer in ERP, it failed to update CRM.It shows the following error message. Description: Failed to update SageCRM with customer number 'A1234', named 'SampleA1'...
  • Forum Thread: Pop up Screen And Filling Data ?????

    When press new->Task the task screen shown when i press new company in the picture a popup screen appear and i fill the data for a company or person the when save the information and click continue the company and person filled and the popup screen close How Can i add new company button in...
  • Forum Thread: Workflow

    another qustion on this context "Workflow" when i go to new case or new opportuinty and then press new custome entity the system bring for me the rule for case or opportuinty last select not rule for custome entity any help
  • Forum Thread: ACCPAC VIEW

    Dear All How can i solve this problem :/ when trying to open view in accpac
  • Forum Thread: How to enable Workflow in .Net API

    Hi, I found the link ( ) where you can create your own custom workflow buttons but i would like to to avoid this (if possible). I am only looking for something...
  • Forum Thread: Changing the Security field in Sage CRM

    Hi, I need to change the security fields of the CRM . I can't find the tables affected in sql server. I had to change the security fields within my application developed in visual studio 2010 using Sage CRM 7 Basic template. Thanks for help.
  • Forum Reply: RE: Soap API problem

    I have the same issue. If a password contains one of the symbols less-than, greater-than, or ampersand, the web services WSDL logon request fails with "Unknown user or password". It definitely looks like a bug in SageCRM SOAP API. Does anyone have a fix or workaround?
  • Forum Thread: GridColCheckBox : checkbox does not appear.

    I'm new in Sage CRM 7.2 Development. I use Visual Studio 2010 to create a page. I created a Tab in CRM and I use the dll, my page with my List appear. The problem is that I use a GridColCheckBox , the column appears but checkboxes doesn't appear, why? Here is my code : List PersonList...
  • Forum Thread: How to create a selection entry type with c# development (.NET API)?

    Hello, I want to create a selection entry type but with c# code (.NET API) and to add to content. E.g : I want to display a selection of status (comp_status). How to create this selection and how to fill it? Thanks.
  • Forum Reply: RE: How to create a selection entry type with c# development (.NET API)?

    Thanks for your answer Dinesh. I created a selection list from a "EntryGroup". I have a company grid below with a checkbox column. I would like to change the checked status following my selection list. How to do this? Here my code : public override void BuildContents() { if (this...
  • Forum Thread: How to update a List with .Net/C# development?

    Hello, I want to update a column (comp_status) of my Company list with .Net/C# development. I know it is possible to use a Select Query with ResultsGrid.SelectSql method, but is there a solution for an update? Here is my list: List ResultsGrid = new List("CompanyGrid"); AddContent(ResultsGrid...
  • Forum Thread: Popup Window Issues in 7.2f1

    On our quote page I've added a button to open a popup window to add a new address for the customer. var buttonaction = crm.url(241).replace("Key0=86", "Key0=1").replace("Mode=3", "Mode=1")+"&PopupWin=Y"; var xURL = "<a id='btnnewaddress'...
  • Forum Thread: Upgrading to sage CRM v7.72 error

    I have issues when upgrading Sage crm v7.71 to 7.72 in updated component entity creation wizard. Please help.
  • Forum Thread: installation sage crm

    Hi, I tried to install sage crm but an error message mentioned that the filtre isapi is not installed. However it is installed in IIS. How to deal with it. please help. I tried to réinstall it.