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  • Forum Thread: Communication for Filing E-mails

    I would like to be able to file an e-mail from within Outlook to CRM but have the option of creating a communication associated with the e-mail. Is it possible to give the option of creating a communication when filing an e-mail? I would like the e-mail to be in the documents tab, but not have a communication...
  • Forum Thread: Sage 300 ERP New Order /New Quotes Error 500????

    Hi, i am install sage crm 7.1 SP2 and integrate it with Accpac 300 ERP 2012 Every thing is ok but i have problem when go to company and try to make new order or new Quotes the below error happen Please any idea to help ???
  • Forum Thread: Compatibility with Windows XP

    Hi, We are facing a very unusual issue where all our window 7 OS computers are able to process Sage CRM very well, but computers loaded with XP OS are very slow to process the commands and takes unsually long time to open library files and even load the page. I am running Sage crm 7.0e version. Is...
  • Forum Thread: excel reports export problem after turning ON SSO

    Hi guys! My client wants that i created the reports for his needs, but after creating it he says that his excel reports isnt working. After restoring backup they dont work too. After some days, we decide to TURN OFF SSO and we saw that excel reports export was WORKING! So , the problem is in SSO. Where...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM 7.0 Timeout Issue

    Hi, We are using Sage CRM 7.0 on our server and we are experiencing a lot of timeout issues. The system will stop responding for about 15 seconds and then come back and work fine for a couple of minutes before freezing again. It is having a serious effect on our productivity. The following error appears...
  • Forum Thread: Error exporting reports to .xls or .xlsx when they contain an integer data type field

  • Forum Thread: Is there known limitations on reports export to XLS ?

    Hi everybody ! I've read a lot of posts regarding xlsx exports of reports. It doesn't look to work so easily... Here, report exports work fine to every kind of types if the report is small. If the report is bigger (15 sheets), we lack xls exports but keep CSV. By the way, if such a report...
  • Forum Thread: Is it possible to connect a random document to any case?

    I have documents stored under the documents tab on the person entity. later I create a case and I want to link the documents stored under the documents tab on the person entity to the new created case. is that possible?
  • Forum Thread: Scripts in E-mail recipient fields

    Hi Can you enter scripts into the e-mail recipient fields to return a user? I want to use the Send E-mail functionality in my Lead Workflow, whenever leads get re-assigned, to notify the relevant Territory Manager that leads have been reassigned to their Sales Consultants. To illustrate what...
  • Forum Thread: Java heap space error while exporting report to Excel?

    I have an issue were I can’t figure out what or where to find the solution?! A customer tries to generate a report in Excel but it gives a strange error that I’ve never seen before. I was hoping somebody could push me into the right direction or give me some tips to make this report...
  • Forum Thread: Update Multiple Selection Fields in C#

    I have read all the related topic in this community but seems I can't find a right solution. Let me explain my situation here. All my multiple field data are came from table 'custom_captions', there are data like code and capt_us. So some data like. Code |Capt_us 1234 10K Rates Club...
  • Forum Thread: Timezone issue

    I was wondering if anyone had heard of this problem before, and whether there is a better solution than the stopgap I have mentioned below. Imagine that you create an appointment for 9:00a.m. – 10.00a.m. EST, and then alter the time zone from EST(UTC-5:00) to Central Time(UTC-6:00). You...
  • Forum Thread: SQL Error

    An unexpected event has occurred: SQL Code: 2627 SQL Code: 3621 Exception: UnexpectedEvent
  • Forum Thread: Chart Duplication

    hi all, this chart give me duplicate data i cant solve it any help ???????????and the code shown var strSQL = "select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount', 'Class 1000' as 'mytype' from membership where mesh_class=0 union select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount'...
  • Forum Thread: Access base Field .NET

    I have the base screen in .net sage crm how can i access the field in the screen???????????? and give it caption or onchange or .....etc how r u Jeff??
  • Forum Thread: Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • Forum Thread: Rewrite Error + IIS HELP

    when i am download sage crm it's start correctly until it become finalizing and the error message below appear what is the error ???? and this is a picture for iis 7 installed in my pc and this for sites folder dosn't contain anything
  • Forum Thread: Sage 6.2 Crm to Sage 200 7.1 CRM

    A client of ours has Sage 200 Accounts and Sage CRM 6.2(standalone). They wish to Upgrade to Sage 200 2011 and Sage 200 CRM 7.1 (integrated). I asked Sage Support and they recommend installing Sage 200 CRM 6.2 over the standalone 6.2, setting up the integration in both CRM and Sage 200 and...
  • Forum Thread: How to get current entity field value in workflow

    hi all! How to get current entry field value in onchangescript within workflow ? thinks!
  • Forum Thread: Color coding wrong on charts

    The color coding on all charts in Reports and in Dashboards is incorrect. See example of Lead_Source. This is quite irritating. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks.
  • Forum Thread: Disturbing Problem URL REWRITE ERROR

    URL REWRITE ERROR each time when i see this error i am pray for the god to help me :( i tried all solutions here in community but not solved yet when i go to log file in setup directory for CRM i found this Line ERROR: Sdata URL not working. http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm...
  • Forum Thread: Recover Sage CRM 7.0 instance after uninstalling Sage CRM 7.1

    I installed Sage CRM 7.1, and uninstalled the instance of Sage CRM 7.1. After uninstalling all the Sage CRM 7.0 instances are on toss. All dashboards are not working, Email In functionality is failing. Is there a way I can bring these 7.0 instances to normal as prior to Sage CRM 7.1 installation.
  • Forum Thread: Dashboard Error Solution

    try this to solve this problem its one of many solutions 1-enter this link to browser C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\Services\IISUtils\CRMRewriter\Default.aspx if 404 error or 500 apear you must go cmd and run it as administrator the write this command %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319...
  • Forum Thread: Outbound call list

    Is there anyway to associate leads that already exist in CRM to an Outbound call list? Data upload for leads appears to add all of the leads again into CRM and not directly into just an Outbound call list.
  • Forum Thread: add link image to panel or screen

    Hi How can i do this in .net SDK i try but not work