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  • Forum Thread: Issues after upgrading to 7.2 from 7.1

    We have a customer who needs to upgrade to 7.2 from 7.1. We ran the upgrade first on 2 test instances and both of them giving out same issues. 1. When a user clicks on Opportunities tab in MY CRM context or under a company context, the screen is all blank. Please see the below screenshot. 2. The...
  • Forum Reply: RE: Yammer Component

    Below are my thoughts/question about the Yammer Component. I think it's a Great start! I love that when in the context of the Company that it automatically adds the Topic/Hashtag #Sage CRM - Company Name. It would be great if it also did this for People and had a tab which would aggregate those...
  • Forum Reply: RE: License issue after upgrading 7.1 to 7.2

    Hi Omkar, We received the "can not create machine id" message when the servername value in the custom_sysparams table was set to ‘localhost’. Changing this value to the correct Server name got us to the next issue on the Manual Registration screen - text suggested to 'copy...
  • Forum Thread: Trial license key

    hi all please somone can give me license key Trial for Sage CRM 7.1 SP2 go to regestriy ---> eware---> config---->then license Please i want it immediately
  • Forum Thread: CRM7.2a1 Mail merge Problem

    Hi, We're currently customizing a mail merge document for our customer who's using CRM Version 7.2a patch 1. After we add in new merge document (HTML format) and edit the same attachment again in Administration -> E-mail and Documents -> Document Templates , and re-select the merged...
  • Forum Thread: Get Value in server side from client side ????

    Hi all, i have this case please help me when i change field value i want to get value from server (in onchange script of field i want to bring value from server side) i have field called unit ,when i select unit i want to bring value of another field in another table and put it in field any...
  • Forum Thread: ImpersonateLoggedOnUser2 failed 5

    OMG anybody have solution for this error or i am the first one how catch it :( this error happened when i move stage in WorkFlow
  • Forum Thread: Read only / Disabled Field change value ??????????

    hi all i tried to change readonly or disabled field value this what i do 1- i made Remaining amount Read Only and put onchange script on paid amount when change it will subtract the payment amount - paid amount and the result put it in readonly field (Remaining amount ) but it dosnt work I try hiddenField...
  • Forum Thread: add value to readonly fied ????

    Please answer how can i add value to read only field and put the value in read only field ??????????????
  • Forum Thread: alignment from Right to left ?????

    Jeff please i want your help Hi please i am face big problem i want to make the alignment from right to left please for Arabia purpose can i??? i tried to make this in IE -->encoding --->from Right to left the result in the picture
  • Forum Thread: Twitter 7.2 Component - 403 error

    Hi All, I downloaded and installed the new twitter component for 7.2 The component was installed on a fresh install of 7.2 alongside Facebook and Yammer Components Two issues I have come across 1) When viewing a twitter feed of a company or My Twitter for the 1 st time after logging in it says...
  • Forum Thread: Looking for service pack version 7.2a.1

    Martin Fry from Sage UK tech support says this service pack has been released, but I can't find it anywhere. Can someone direct me? The only thing I can see on the Partner Resource Center is straight 7.2.
  • Forum Thread: Printing Labels in Sage CRM v7.2

    Hi I have had a recent enquiry about printing labels in Sage CRM 7.2 with the new HTML templates. I have read an article on this before i'm sure but I can't for the life of me remember where. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks Peter
  • Forum Reply: RE: Outlook / Exchange sending notes on the appointment to external attendees

    Hi Rob, I have read the release notes of sagecrm 7.2b and I don't see any word about the meeting request problem (nor about office 2013). Will you update the support matrix? As you said it is supposed to be resolved in this patch. Darren's experience sound's different. Darren, your...
  • Forum Thread: Adding the Document Drop Plugin into a Custom Page in Sage CRM v7.2

    I note in this article Jeff talks about adding the document drop plugin to a custom entity. Is there a way of doing this for version 7.2?
  • Forum Thread: CRM 7.2a Patch1 Email Status Error

    Hi, I'm getting error at E-mail Status, whereby the Number of Bad E-mails: 6 and have a red cross beside it. Below is my Email Configuration setting: Thank you. Best Regards, Shandy
  • Forum Reply: RE: Adding the Document Drop Plugin into a Custom Page in Sage CRM v7.2

    Okay, so no help forthcoming yet, let me show you how far I've got doing this in 7.2: Using a system entity in CRM (opportunity in this case), when you select a file from the document drop plug in: http://mfb-crm/crmtng//eware.dll/Do? SID=75740163837719& Act=343& Mode=1& CLk=T&...
  • Forum Thread: HyperLink Field To .NET

    How can i hyperlink field to run dll????????? like the Client Value field hyperlink it to dll
  • Forum Thread: Disable Date Time Picker???

    Hi All How can i Disable Date Time Picker So i can't select date ???
  • Forum Thread: Pop up Screen And Filling Data ?????

    When press new->Task the task screen shown when i press new company in the picture a popup screen appear and i fill the data for a company or person the when save the information and click continue the company and person filled and the popup screen close How Can i add new company button in...
  • Forum Thread: show current logged-in user in 7.2 version

    Hello, How to display some of the logged-in user attributes (firstname, lastname, ...) in the top frame aligned right. Thank you
  • Forum Thread: ACCPAC VIEW

    Dear All How can i solve this problem :/ when trying to open view in accpac
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM 7.2 - Custom Entity - Replace Image for NEW

    Hi, I have created a new custom entity and created a new .GIF file to represent it. I have copied various different sized versions of the image to different locations, for example: ENTITY_NAME (75x64 Version of the Image) small_ENTITY_NAME (25x25 Version of the Image) related_ENTITY_NAME (18x18...
  • Forum Thread: Import data to custom entity from an XML file

    Hi, I am using Sage CRM v7.2. I have to import data from an XML file to my custom entity. I noticed that Sage CRM doesnt support importing for custom entities. Is importing data in SQL server directly to my "Custom entity " table the most effective way to import my data? - or is there...
  • Media: Sage CRM Sales Lite Datasheet (UK) - updated 23/12/2013

    Datasheet which outlines the features and benefits of the new Sage CRM Sales Lite iPhone App. Updated 23/12/2013.