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  • Forum Thread: Updating linked Entity in Workflow

    Hi, I have a scenario where I have created a Custom Entity called Project and the Project has linked Opportunities. The idea being that ultimately, one of the linked Opportunities will 'Win' and the others 'Lose'. I have created a workflow for my Project Entity to monitor the status...
  • Forum Thread: Sage 300 ERP New Order /New Quotes Error 500????

    Hi, i am install sage crm 7.1 SP2 and integrate it with Accpac 300 ERP 2012 Every thing is ok but i have problem when go to company and try to make new order or new Quotes the below error happen Please any idea to help ???
  • Forum Thread: Entities based on Custom views

    Good day This is so trivial thing but I could not find anything on the community. What I want to do is to create a view in the CRM DB and create an entity in CRM with that view as the basis. I need to expose the values I get from this view in an advanced search select. Please advise if this...
  • Forum Thread: Step by Step Solution: Fixing SetIdentityColumn failed error

    Hello World, Here is a solution for the error " SetIdentityColumn failed" in Sage CRM. Steps for going ahead in fixing the issue: 1. Assume that you are creating a table in Sage CRM by ( Assumptions ) a. Going to – Administration – Advanced Customization...
  • Forum Thread: Problem with Mail Merging

    HI All, yesterday I came across an issue with mail merging Mail Merge failed. Please contact your System Administrator This happens when I try to do a simple merge. Can anyone help? Thanks Adam
  • Forum Thread: HTML rendering in support.js file email.body in case_details field in Cases

    Running into a issue with the support.js file and incoming tickets. We have a issue where the html is not getting parsed out and is being displayed on the case and is showing the html and headers from the email making it very hard to read. I know there are various ways to accomplish parsing the html...
  • Forum Thread: Multiple phone numbers and reports

    Hi Our Sage CRM 7.1.c System has been customised to suit our specific requirements with regards to logging information about learners. Since the update to 7.1.c i have noticed that phone numbers are stored in a separate entity which means people can have more than one type of phone number. We...
  • Forum Thread: Hi all

    hi, my problem is when create secondary entity the workflow didn't display i am do every thing like passing parameter and add field workflow id ......................etc
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM Views

    Hi All Im no expert when it comes to sql or sage crm for that matter so please excuse me if this is a stupid question, but is there a limit to the number of fields / tables that can be added / displayed in a view when created in the GUI of sage CRM The reason i ask is i have a view that brings...
  • Forum Thread: SAGE CRM 7 "Advanced Customization Wizard"

    Hello, Please I need "Advanced Customization Wizard " Could you tell me where I can download thank you
  • Forum Thread: Progress Note box Length

    Hi all There are a couple of posts surrounding progress notes, but I could find the answer I was looking for hence the post. On the tracking tab, the list of progress notes are displayed along with the date / time created and the person that created them. In the screen shot below you can see...
  • Forum Thread: Cancel Button sage crm

    Hi, i wanna as about Cancel Button What is the ASP Code Or Code In Location that Cach the Cancelation when press cancel how to detect that cancel button pressed thanks
  • Forum Thread: Chart Duplication

    hi all, this chart give me duplicate data i cant solve it any help ???????????and the code shown var strSQL = "select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount', 'Class 1000' as 'mytype' from membership where mesh_class=0 union select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount'...
  • Forum Thread: Access base Field .NET

    I have the base screen in .net sage crm how can i access the field in the screen???????????? and give it caption or onchange or .....etc how r u Jeff??
  • Forum Thread: Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • Forum Thread: Disturbing Problem URL REWRITE ERROR

    URL REWRITE ERROR each time when i see this error i am pray for the god to help me :( i tried all solutions here in community but not solved yet when i go to log file in setup directory for CRM i found this Line ERROR: Sdata URL not working. http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm...
  • Forum Thread: Workflow progress for custom entity adding progress twice

    I have created a custom entity in CRM 6.2, enabled and created workflow. every thing is working fine. The only issue i am getting is workflow progress tracking. when i press first rule button it adds 2 tracking records. Like rule button is "Assign to team member" and i display field for...
  • Forum Thread: Using Key Attributes in Reports

    I have Key Attributes that are against a Custom Entity, and would like to make these fields available for reporting. I have seen a blog post detailing how to get this to work, but I'm not sure I fully understand it. Can anyone tell me if this is possible when the Attributes are against a Custom Entity...
  • Forum Thread: Dashboard Error Solution

    try this to solve this problem its one of many solutions 1-enter this link to browser C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\Services\IISUtils\CRMRewriter\Default.aspx if 404 error or 500 apear you must go cmd and run it as administrator the write this command %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319...
  • Forum Thread: Change Button vs. Workflow

    Have a custom entity and wondering what would be the easiet way to remove the change button from the screen which would then force the end user to use the workflow. I tried going into the security profile and removing their edit rights but this made it so they workflow buttons would show up any longer...
  • Forum Thread: Put Panels beside each other

    Hi how can i put 2 panels beside each other????
  • Forum Thread: How to add or remove tab from MyCRM

    Hello, Can anyone tell me how can i removed existing tab away from MyCRM or TeamCRM ? and How to add a tab for custom Entity in those two main menu tab too. Thank. /Sokheng
  • Forum Thread: add link image to panel or screen

    Hi How can i do this in .net SDK i try but not work
  • Forum Thread: Events against multiple Companies

    Hi, I'm looking to somehow create Events in CRM, which could then be linked to multiple Company records (those that attended the event(s)). The idea being that this could then be utilised at a later date to target these companies with marketing material for future Events. Ideally the 'Event'...
  • Forum Thread: when press on search select advance

    when press on search select advance and select value the value not filled inside the search select advance text why ???? i have entity x and entity o search select in x and Search Entity o and View Fields in o ????????