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  • Blog Post: It's not just who you know, it's what you know! - viewing the results of your E-marketing email

    OK so you've spent time developing your template, proofing your text and making sure that you've included all of your desired recipients in your group. You then send your E-marketing e-mail out into the ether and hope that people have read it! Right? Well no! With Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM...
  • Blog Post: I know what you have done... now what do I do? Leverage the results of your E-marketing Campaign

    Following on from my blog about viewing the results of our E-marketing Campaign ; now we look at how you can use those results to create a more targeted and effective marketing strategy. We've already seen how we create an E-marketing Campaign and gotten our results back. So how do we use these...
  • Forum Thread: Error Message during E-marketing Campaign Setup

    I have Sage CRM 7.1 SP2 E-marketing set up, but I am unable to create an e-marketing campaign. On step 3 out of 3, I get the following error message in Sage CRM: " There was a problem executing command in Swiftpage; There is no SPResponse object ". The screen you see is what comes up immediately...
  • Forum Thread: Access base Field .NET

    I have the base screen in .net sage crm how can i access the field in the screen???????????? and give it caption or onchange or .....etc how r u Jeff??
  • Forum Thread: Document .Net API

    Hi i am create custome entity .net api and then i create tab "Document" and System Act: librarylist but it back for me all document when add new document and its go out entity how can i add document tab ??? thanks
  • Forum Thread: Disturbing Problem URL REWRITE ERROR

    URL REWRITE ERROR each time when i see this error i am pray for the god to help me :( i tried all solutions here in community but not solved yet when i go to log file in setup directory for CRM i found this Line ERROR: Sdata URL not working. http://localhost/sdata/crmj/sagecrm...
  • Forum Thread: Chart Duplication

    hi all, this chart give me duplicate data i cant solve it any help ???????????and the code shown var strSQL = "select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount', 'Class 1000' as 'mytype' from membership where mesh_class=0 union select count(mesh_membershipid) as 'mycount'...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM SP2 Setup ?????????

    Hi all i try to install sage crm sp2 setup from the community like the figure attached but its give me sage crmsp2 hotfix 3
  • Forum Thread: Escalation .Net

    hi please how i can solve Escalation for .Net when select it please check the attached picture
  • Forum Thread: WorkFlow not working

    Hi i am built workflow and the write the following code in summary .net page base .UseWorkflow = true ; base .AddWorkflowButtons( "Lease" ); but the workflow buttons not appear and when try to see the workflowid in the custome entity table there is nothing (Null ) value any solution...