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  • Forum Thread: SData - custom sql view with Group By

    Hello, We have a custom SQL view for opportunities. The view works fine when ran in SQL or when used to create a Report in CRM (7.3), but if I try to access it via Sdata: http://myserver/sdata/CRMj/sagecrm/-/vforecastmatrixapi It throws an error. The sql view has a few "group by" clauses...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM with Sage Etendue

    Hello everyone, I am creating a quote from Sage Etendue, sometimes he adds me lines to my quote and sometimes he posts me the error below without knowing the cause!!! Can you help me please.
  • Forum Thread: how to copy value of territory field in summary tab to another tab(case, opportunity, people,....) in company screen

    Dear members, I am writing this post to ask you about how we can copy value of territory field in one tab to another tab in company screen(i.e: company summary scree). I use sage crm version 7.2. In image below describe what I mean: On Company Summary Screen i have Territory Value: Worldwide(or...
  • Forum Thread: Conditional rule to achieve transition

    I am working on a workflow for our opportunity management and would like to create a rule which moves the opportunity to the next stage but also notifies a user via e mail if a field is over the value of 100000. I have tried a conditional rule with a javascript condition but it then doesn't achieve...
  • Forum Thread: cumulative field value display in summary page

    Hi, How can I add two field value from quotation table and display in opportunity summary screen any help? Thanks Raj