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  • Forum Thread: Connect Sage CRM to GMAIL

    Hi everybody I'm new here this is my first post , I want to know how can I Connect my CRM to GMAIL server ? thank you
  • Forum Thread: CRM Integration with SAGE100 ERP

    Hello I'm kind of new user of Sage CRM and i want to know is it possible to make a CRM integration with Sage 100 hosted on a remote server? Best regards
  • Forum Thread: Integration with Sage 100

    Hi, I tried to activate the synchronization of my company with Sage 100, directly after the creation of the integration. Everything OK, but during the research don't take any output Here is attached my log files 6523.20161110integrationlogSOCIETE1.txt 20161110ewaresystem.txt Thnks for your...
  • Forum Thread: Sage CRM with Sage Etendue

    Hello everyone, I am creating a quote from Sage Etendue, sometimes he adds me lines to my quote and sometimes he posts me the error below without knowing the cause!!! Can you help me please.
  • Forum Thread: how to copy value of territory field in summary tab to another tab(case, opportunity, people,....) in company screen

    Dear members, I am writing this post to ask you about how we can copy value of territory field in one tab to another tab in company screen(i.e: company summary scree). I use sage crm version 7.2. In image below describe what I mean: On Company Summary Screen i have Territory Value: Worldwide(or...
  • Forum Thread: Writing a custom entity id to quotes and orders in Sage 200 CRM

    I'm using Sage CRM 7.3 integrated with Sage 200. I have a custom entity called branch whereby a company can have one or more branches. Just like a company can have quotes and orders created from an opportunity, so too can a branch of the company. How do I write the branch id onto a branch order...